Dell with Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks and Uncle Dell in Atlanta at The Recording Academy Honors Awards

  Performance With Jeff Foxworthy

Uncle Dell performed with Jeff Foxworthy of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, at the Dawsonville, Ga Wal-Mart Super Center on GA 400. Foxworthy insists on getting keys to Uncle Dell's 59 Corvette. After much deliberation, Uncle Dell says "okay".

Uncle Dell attended the 40th Annual Country Music Awards at the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, Tennessee

Other Artists Uncle Dell Has Performed With in the Past

  Roger Daltrey
  Shawn Mullins
  Charlie Daniels
  Jeff Bates
  Andy Griggs
  Jeffrey Steele
  Bob DiPiero
  T. Graham Brown
  Georgia Satellites
  Marshall Tucker Band
  Atlanta Rhythm Section
  Wet Willie
  Rick Derringer
  Mother's Finest

  From American Idol
  - RJ Helton
  - Vanessa Olaveres
  - Diana DeGarmo











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Press Releases

Perfect Sound Forever

By: Critic Kandia Crazy Horse,  Manhattan, New York

"...Thus the Story, in the last few years, of any pop approaching the banner of "southern rock," spotlights acts like Tritt (who now side steps his earlier identification somewhat), Urban, Toby Keith, Big & Rich, Montgomery Gentry, Kid Rock, and Brooks & Dunn. And don't forget "Uncle" Dell Conner of Dawsonville, GA, composer of the "Afghan Blues," who self-consciously identifies with the hybridized gang personified by Nashville outsiders Kid Rock (Michigan) and Sheryl Crow (borderline Mizzou), and refers to his "cutting edge, ahead of the curve" output as: "Hardboiled Rock-a-Billy, Redbone Blues and Organic Country..."


Critic Roberto Campovecchi; Corregio Music Fetival, Corregio , Italy

In America, Uncle Dell's style comes defined with various names: Hardboiled Rock-A Billy, Redbone Blues and Organic Country. For me, Dell Conner is simply an extraordinary Country Southern-Blues rocker. His bad, aggressive musical endeavors and powerful vocals are the epicenter of his unique sound that crosses the road from Charlie Daniels to Lynyrd Shynyrd to Stevie Ray Vaughan and back to ZZ Topp.

Dell wrote every song on his debut CD along with the expertise of melody and production by Joel Kosche. Dell's singing sounds pure and he plays one of the grittiest harmonica tracks on this CD you will ever hear. At times it seems as if the harmonica is going to explode from one moment to the other.

The album opens with one rocking song after another. Clitter Clatter and Runnin' Shine are two splendid examples of Southern-Rock blues. The third song,Your Choice tells us that Uncle Dell has been seriously influenced by ZZ Topp, a true Country Rocker.

The fourth song, When She Whispers takes you back because of the hard charging sound in the beginning of the first three songs. This song reveals that Uncle Dell voice is not just gravel pit. This song comforts us and lets us know that he can sing a love song with the best of them, although I prefer the grit.

The fifth song is Afghan Blues which was written the next day after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Dell was stranded in Canada when this took place and could not get home due to the closing of the borders. This song is not just lyrically accurate but the blend of melody is quite unusual.

Harmonica Lewinski Blues (Play on words) is the only pure blues song on the whole collection. It is obvious that Uncle Dell was not too fond of the situation that unfolded during Clinton 's presidency.

Somewhere nowhere is a beautiful dobro instrumental that lays the red carpet for the title track Knee Deep in Blues.

I would have made gladly less of the bonus track L.A. , a rap song that tells of Uncle Dell's participation at the Grammy Awards held in California at the Staples Center Beginning with the start it is one of fiction obviously to the evening of gala for the delivery of the Grammys In short it is an ironic description of all the things that happen before, during and after this grand event.

The rest of the songs on the CD will be a must for all of the lovers of Gritty Country Rock n Roll. Not even ONE bad cut on the entire CD. A rarity in today's market. A Must Have!

Roberto Campovecchi, Promoter
Corregio Music Festival
Corregio , Italy


Hardboiled Rockabilly, "Redbone" Blues, Organic Country . . . there are many words that you might use to describe the work of Dell Conner, but when the drums start driving, when the harmonica starts wailing, you stop trying to describe and start moving to his hard-hitting mix of country, rock and blues.

He lives in the hills of North Georgia. Dawson County . . . where NASCAR was born fifty years ago out of the volatile union of "dry county" prohibition and running moonshine whiskey. This is the true south. This is where Dell gets his inspiration. And his lyrics show it. They run real and deep, and are full of true blue images of God and Country.

Dell's first successful single, "Afghan Blues", is that kind of song. Inspired by September 11th and America's proud reaction to that tragedy, it was first featured on the Clear Channel stations. Media interviews and appearances with Dell followed. His second single,
"Runnin' Shine", based on the history of NASCAR and its roots in the early days of "running moonshine", followed close behind.

His new video, "Runnin' Shine" was filmed in his Dawson County stomping grounds and features fast cars and "white lightning".

Uncle Dell plays live whether it's a porch swing jam session with their 20 best friends, or playing a concert  in front of a crowd of 20,000, they love to move folks with their homegrown Rockabilly sound.

But where they've found real success is in the Metro Atlanta commercial radio market. "Uncle Dell" has performed live on top ranked radio shows, like WKLS/96 Rock, with Southside Steve and English Nick, Eagle 106.7 with Rhubarb Jones, WNGC with George Mason Dixon, WKHC with Steve Nichols, WCON with Danny O'Day, WDUN with Derek Booth, and on Magic 102.9 with Jay Andrews.

Dell Conner has been playing harmonica for over twenty years. His mama taught him the basics, Dell took it from there, and he's been bending notes ever since. His musical influences are widely diverse and he attributes his love for country, rock, and blues to recording artists like Stevie Ray Vaughn, George Thorogood, Howling Wolf, Charlie Daniels, ZZ Topp, and B.B. King.

Dell Conner's sophomore album is scheduled for release in the 2nd quarter of 2006. Along with his rocking new single, "Love it or Leave it", it has a heart-tugging ballad entitled "One Nation Under God".


The Story Behind "Afghan Blues"
By Uncle Dell

My wife, Kayron, & I flew to Montreal Canada to visit our Aunt & Uncle for their 50th wedding anniversary. While staying in Brookdale, about 100 miles above Montreal, we saw the tragic events unfold on television at 8:48 on September 11th. We were scheduled to fly back to Georgia at 9:45 on Wednesday, September 12th, but as we all know too painfully well, our flight was cancelled and the borders were closed. I, like most of the world, was extremely upset and unsettled by the day's events. To find some peace I went down to the river and started penning a song. Luckily, when Kayron and I called Delta on that Friday we were able to be scheduled on a flight back to Georgia for Saturday. We were on the first commercial air flight allowed to fly in US airspace since the attacks. It was an unusual sight seeing 13 jets lined up on the airstrips ready to take off. When we finally arrived back in Georgia at the Hartsfield airport, I literally leaned down and kissed the ground, I was so thankful to be back on American soil. Once I got home I went down to the dock behind our home to finish the song I started back in Canada. This song became the Afghan Blues. Once the song was finished I felt it needed to be shared. I went into the studio and put it together, taking about 5 days. I then set about passing out my song to various radio stations and it was fast on it's way to becoming a hit. The first station to play "Afghan Blues" was 102.9, followed by 96 Rock about an hour and half later. When 96 Rock's Christopher Rude played the song he announced that "it was his favorite new song". I have sent a copy of my song to a friend's son in Afghanistan, along with a letter telling him I was hoping this could become their battle song for all of the allied forces fighting this monster. My hope is to give the forces a light hearted song depicting a serious situation.



Click here to view letter from  Secretary of State, Colin Powell, also an Uncle Dell fan.